Everybody Loves Bobby!

If you are new to meeting my husband, please don’t be thrown off if he continues to further introduce himself as husband number six.  Yes, I’ve had a few husbands, but not six.  I just roll my eyes when people say, “I just love Bobby!” I respond, “Yes, yes, EVERYBODY loves Bobby.  In fact, he needs his own TV show.”  I’m constantly reminded of this when we go to theme parks, airports, concerts, and any local Taco Tuesday.  Someone always shouts out, “BOBBBBBBBY!!!!” and runs over to high-five him.

The last time we babysat for my son and daughter-in-law, I heard a knock at their door. Much to my surprise, it was my ex.  I hesitantly greeted him, and he had the audacity to ask me, “I heard Bobby was in town, could I steal him to go grab a beer and catch up?”  I stood there half confused and half amused and thought to myself, did my ex really just ask if my husband could come out to play? After all, what could these two possibly have in common?

He finds humor in the fact there is a thirteen year age difference between us.  He loves to remind me that he bought his first GT BMX bike when I was buying my first home. We have had to learn to share the radio on road trips, him a little Oingo Boingo and me a little Queen. Not to mention, he loves asking the waitress if they have a senior citizen menu and chuckles!

So, I have to ask myself, “Why does everybody love Bobby?”  Men tell me that he’s a guy’s guy. My sister’s claim he’s the first husband to ever put me in my place. My girlfriends think he’s their own personal marriage counselor.  My grandkids run past me and jump in his arms. I think of him as a cross between Al Bundy, Charlie Harper (Sheen) and, of course, Raymond.

Bobby has a knack for finding humor, and even more importantly has helped me to find it in life. They say laughter releases endorphins, or feel good hormones and I truly believe this. Humor has been the saving grace in our eighteen years of marriage, and helped us to find forgiveness at a much faster speed than when we were younger.  We have experienced and survived tragic moments, and yet it has bonded us closer and given us a greater appreciation for time, life, and God.

Thank you my husband for making me laugh.  For you I blog…for you I find humor!

Author: findinghumorblog

Healing is an art. It takes time, it takes practice, and it takes laughter!

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